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How do I bid for items?

Simply click on the ‘comments’ tab below the item you wish to bid for, and put in your amount.

When does bidding start?

Bidding opens at 8am GMT on Monday 19th September.

When does bidding end?

Bidding has been extended to 8am GMT on Saturday 1st October.

How will I know if I’ve won? 

You can check the comments box to see if yours was the highest bid. But don’t worry, we’ll be contacting the winning bidder with all the information they need to finalise their bid. (Please don’t make any payment on the donation page until you have had an email from us confirming that you were the highest bidder.)

Can I add Gift Aid when I donate? You’ll make more money that way, won’t you?

No, sorry. Gift Aid doesn’t apply when you receive something in return for your donation (which you do in the case of an auction).

How will the people who have donated items for auction know where to send the item to?

When the winning bidder has been notified, paid their donation to the and emailed us the receipt as proof of payment, we will notify the donor and give them the delivery/other relevant details.

Is this auction international, or UK only?

International. But please post bids in £ sterling; thank you. Most items can be posted anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions; please check the info on the specific lot.

I’d like to add something for auction, if it’s not too late. How do I post to the site?

You can’t; I am the only site administrator, so please get in touch with me (Fiona Dunbar). Last day for adding lots is Friday September 30th but please bear in mind that it can take time to gather bids.

How do we know you’re not going to steal the money? 

Because we won’t have anything to do with the money – it will be paid directly to Help Refugees. See below for more detail on this.  We guarantee that 100% of funds raised will go to these causes.

The MyDonate page is in the name of something called ‘Highgate Has Heart’. But the money goes to Help Refugees. I’m confused! Which is it?                                                            

Highgate Has Heart is a group of North London individuals who came together to help refugees. This group set up the MyDonate page. Only one charity could be named on the page – Help Refugees – but two other charities will benefit from your donations as well. Here’s how it works:

Help Refugees: funds will help buy necessary supplies for example blankets, backpacks, shoes, torches, foil blankets, gloves, hats, socks and jogging bottoms.
The Refugee Centre in Islington is desperately short of funds, and currently only able to open two days a week. It provides vital support to refugees in North London.
Citizens UK (Safe Passage) help to settle unaccompanied child refugees who have family here in the UK.

Can I choose which one to donate to?

No. But all three play a vital role: for more information, please visit the Highgate Has Heart website.

Who’s behind this site?                                                                                                                          

I am author Fiona Dunbar for further info about me, please visit my website.

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Certainly! Thank you.

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