Book-jacket.jpgPlay alongside authors like Tom Holland, Sebastian Faulks and Alex Preston, with this historic roving cricket team! (Also Anthony McGowan. But don’t let that put you off). You do not have to be an experienced player, or even a man. The book contains contributions from the whole team, who will also sign it (see link below for more info).

In the Edwardian era, PG Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle and JM Barrie were regulars in the side, which would play the Actors and the Publishers each year at Lord’s. The last of these matches took place in 1912 and the side then dispersed. A later incarnation of the Authors saw some of the greatest cricketers of all time – including Denis Compton, Richie Benaud and Len Hutton – play alongside the likes of Edmund Blunden and Neville Cardus at Vincent Square. In 2012 the team was revived by Charlie Campbell and Nicholas Hogg. The team play at some of England’s most historic grounds against a wide range of opposition.