Lu Hersey worked as an advertising copywriter until she escaped to become a librarian and write children’s books instead. Deep Water is her award winning debut novel, published by Usborne in 2015, and singled out in the Guardian and the New Statesman as one of the Children’s books of the year.
Set in Cornwall, the story reflects the things that interest Lu most –  myth, folklore and magic. To accompany the signed copy of the Deep Water, Lu has made a lucky charm from a hagstone found on a Cornish beach. (In case you didn’t know, hagstones have been considered lucky since neolithic times, and are used as charms of protection.)

Lu currently lives in Bristol, sharing her house with a surfeit of young adults who won’t leave home and keep calling her “Mum” – although, surprisingly she finds their dialogue, strangely disturbing habits and erratic sleeping patterns a constant source of inspiration.