Elizabeth Dale began writing magazine fiction and has sold thousands of stories all over the world. Two of her daughters grew up to be children’s authors, too – one of them – Katie Dale – also has books for auction on this site. Elizabeth has published forty books, from picture books up to novels for up to age 12. Her picture book When Betsy Came To Babysit (published by Tamarind and wonderfully illustrated by Zoe Waring) was read on Cbeebies Bedtime Hour earlier this year. Her latest rhyming picture book, Nothing Can Frighten a Bear (published by Nosy Crow and beautifully illustrated by Paula Metcalf), deals with the perennial problem of strange noises in the night. To prove there’s no such thing as monsters, the Bear family go searching for them in the wood one moonlit night – and scare themselves instead! However there is a wonderfully comforting and funny end for all little ones being settled off to sleep. It was published on 1st September and there will be a launch party in Chichester.