You and a friend can attend the 2017 CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Award Ceremony (also featuring the Amnesty CILIP Honour) as my guest – 2016 CILIP President, children’s author and librarian, Dawn Finch.
Dawn says: “The ceremony is a a wonderful opportunity to celebrate children’s literature, and to meet many of the shortlisted authors, and people from the world of children’s books. Of course we have no idea who will be on the longlist, or shortlist yet, but imagine following the award knowing that you will be at the announcement! 2017 is a very special year for the CKG award as we are celebrating its 80th birthday! This promises to be a momentous occasion, and this is a rare chance to attend. You are bidding on two tickets for the award ceremony as my guest (daytime –19th June 2017 – date may be subject to change, but plenty of warning will be given) I will introduce you to authors, and make sure that you enjoy all aspects of the ceremony. This will be a live streamed event, with refreshments after the announcement, and plenty of time to meet the authors and illustrators. At least one of these tickets must be used by an adult, and they are not transferable in any way. You may bid as a gift for someone else, but when the tickets are formally allocated they must be used by the named person.”