Jackie says: “It’s always hard to know what to offer when asked to put something into an auction. So many of my books are about migrant journeys and the state of the world and the plight of so many people moves me to offer my time, something unique, so, what I am going to offer is a 2 hour visit to my studio in Pembrokeshire and a signed copy of The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow.

I don’t have a policy of open studio, and my workplace is in my home. This offer is open to one person, but you can bring a friend. I have cats, dogs. The visit would have to be at a mutually convenient time and the winner of the auction will be sent a hand written invitation on a hand drawn card which will be their pass into the studio. We can talk, I can show you around, where I work, my tools and if enough money is bid might be persuaded to paint, while you watch, a small hare for the winner to take home.

When I see images of people driven from their homes by war I try to imagine myself in their shoes. As Warsan Shire said, “No one ever leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”. So it seems to me to be a fitting thing to invite someone into my home to help to raise money for those who have no home, and to help them find peace and a welcome.”